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My name is Carson Sakach, this is my Resume Website.

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Website Builder

If you need an example, look no further than the website you're on. It's an AWS S3 Website with a Hugo Theme.

Cloud Architect

I thrive when learning about the cloud. I invest my time and effort into growing my skills every day.

IT Specialist

I have a passion for tech, and I am majoring in IT Management.

You're here because you want the best

But let's be honest, you'll hire me because I was the only one who laughed at your joke during the interview.

Available for Remote and In-Office Work My work ethic does not disappoint. I am available to work remotely or in an office environment in the North Dallas area. I want to be as transparent as possible to all and any employers, my salary expectations are consistent with salary.com.

Continually Learning I believe the most important investment is one that improves yourself daily. I love Cloud Computing and am learning as fast as the market changes. I am attending college at WGU to achieve my Masters in Information Technology Management and studying for various AWS Certifications.


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Carson’s proactive approach to identifying potential risks and ensuring that our systems adhere to the highest security standards has contributed to the overall safety and compliance of our organization.
Robert Greisemer
CTO at CloudAccountant.io
Carson’s proactive attitude and knack for problem-solving have made our lives a breeze, and I just wanted to express my gratitude for everything he’s done for our team.
Aaron Murray
Head of DevOps at CuraPatient, Inc.
Carson’s involvement in the onboarding and training process for new employees has been invaluable. This directly contributes to employee satisfaction and retention, which are key objectives of the HR department.
Kevin Pethtel
Head of HR at CuraPatient, Inc.

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